Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is a Badass?

I've decided that this project is not only about the tangible skills I want to learn to build my BQ (Badass Quotient), but also about the qualities that are inherent in badassery. I think that the internal part of this is going to be key 'cause how often do you really have to take someone down in a fight, outrun a bad guy, fire a weapon or hotwire a car? There's more to the swagger than that. So here's where I'm starting:

A badass does what needs to be done- and to hell with the rest.

We all have crazy busy lives. We've got mountains of stuff to do before we even get started with the day and I'd hazard a guess that we do more in a day than our grandparents did in a week. Most of it is either mandatory (eat, sleep, wash, make sure children are dressed before dropping them at school, make provisions for their eating, etc.), or necessary (show up at work in order to pay for the food, mortgage and health insurance we need, do the actual work at my work that will enable me to have a job tomorrow, etc.). But there's a whole mess of stuff that's just..not. For example, it's necessary that I mow my grass at least periodically- enough to keep the snakes away from the house and to ensure that small children don't disappear between the house and the car- but I don't have to go all crazy with it. I don't have to trim under the bushes. I don't have to give two shits about the fact that most of the yard is more weeds than grass. I don't have to care whether that weird strip between the sidewalk and the street gets mowed every time either. See? Not necessary. If someone wants to complain, then *they* can do it. Same with joining committees that I don't think are important, reading stupid books for book club, and baking when I'm not in the mood (which is most of the time).

So today my badass message to the world is this:

You want it done so bad? Do it yourself.


  1. Would it be badass to whip up a dozen or so blueberry muffins, just because I can? "How to bake like a bad-ass" -- I could probably get a cookbook deal with that title, LOL!

  2. LOL is right. I'd love to see someone bake with attitude. As someone who just can't cook, I can see where total control of all things culinary could certainly do the trick. You want to see perfect muffin tops? I'll give you perfect muffin tops...

    Oddly, my culinary badass has a weird dominatrix thing going on.

  3. And I love that image, brings new meaning to "beating the egss" that's for sure...