Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So who is badass?

Someone asked me today to do a bit of a character study, asking "Who is badass for you?" I love that question and I've been amazed at what some of my friends have said when I've told them about this project. The most common is "Like Jaimie Sommers? (The Bionic Woman)," but I've also gotten some Marian Ravenwood references.

mary-shannon-imageFor me, though, Badass is Mary Shannon combined with Temperance Brennan (both the tv version and the book version) with just a hint of Dana Scully for flavor. The commonality is the ability to totally take care of oneself (I hate how dependent I am) and a willingness to tell other people to go to hell. Plus a lack of concern about what other people think- which I used to have but seem to have lost.

That being said, I'm facing my first meeting of a committee tonight- something I *never* should have said yes to in the first place and which is a 2 year commitment. So I"m trying to figure out how to either disentangle myself from it or find a way to bring the badass to that.

So what about you? Who's your badass example?


  1. Old school yet refined bad-ass? Jo *MF'ing* March from Little Women. MArmee needs a train ticket to get to Daddy in the War? I will SELL.MY.HAIR people!

  2. YES! I was looking for a good literary example and I had a brainjam. Couldn't come up with anything. Excellent choice!