Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a Woman Thing

You may have noticed that I added some inks to the blogroll. I Googled "becoming badass" to see if this would come up and was amazed to discover that there were actually hits on the subject! (You can explore for yourself if you'd like.) So I poked around a bit, skimming in places and reading in depth in others, and I was struck by one thing:

All of these sites assumed that I was a man.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It hasn't been that long since, as a woman, I wouldn't have been able to even consider a project like this. I would have been property at worst- and not much more at best. But still, it hadn't occurred to me that this could turn into a gender thing. I don't really consider myself to be a girly-girl, but I wouldn't call myself Pat either. I wear makeup, I like a skirt now and again. I'm glad that I'm a woman. So does that mean that Badass is off limits? Unnatural? Is it a rejection of my feminine self?

Hell no. I managed, pretty much on my own, to turn two little cells into a fully functioning, unique human being. In fact, I did that twice. I accomplish more by 10 am than most people do in a day. I can look at a person and, in seconds, know how that person is feeling- physically and emotionally. I can tell a joke, turn a head, and bring a man to his knees with just a raised eyebrow and an off-color comment.

What's more badass than that?

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