Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I always figured I'd be a PTA mom. I fact, over the years I've given myself no end of grief for not being enthusiastic about PTA/PTO/ PTC (whatever the hell you want to call it) meetings. I've dutifully attended the first one of the year, signed up for a committee and then chastised myself for finding excuses not to go each month.

Yesterday, the little pink flier came home. I recycled it without a second thought.

I'm not abdicating responsibility for an appropriate amount of involvement with the school. Just the opposite. I realize that PTA= Pain in the Ass  and that it is not the way the badass gets involved. My BA self is getting involved by advocating for my own kids, by providing the paper products for parties, and by being really visible in the school as a voice against the looming NCLB-induced test-prep frenzy. I'm not buying wrapping paper, holiday wreaths, bulbs or other useless crap that I don't need. If the school needs money, I'll be happy to write a check but I'm not giving half of my donation to some business that makes money off of schools and PTAs- including the national PTA.

The badass helps where she can, but doesn't let guilt drive her decision to help or not. The badass also stands up for all kids by standing up for her own kids- but doesn't need anyone else telling her how or when to do it.


  1. i call our PTO the mommy mafia. they are ruthless and catty in our school district. i have cut out hundreds of pumpkins, turkey feathers, snowflakes, tulips. i have converted cereal boxes into valentine mail boxes and i have mixed cement in foil pie tins to make handprint stepping stones but i have never filled in the little pink flyer and never will.

  2. Go you! That's the spirit!