Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ugly Cry

My oldest graduates today.  Okay, actually, he's graduating from 5th grade which I realize lacks the academic gravitas of, say, a PhD or a certificate from Northern Louisiana Beauty College.  Still, it's a milestone.  For some reason, milestones have been sort of a bitch lately.  I hypothesize that it's either ego ("If he's getting older then I'm getting older!  WHAAAA!") or nostalgia ("Ah, the good old days."), but in either case it's death by 1,000 kleenexes.

I've been choking back tears for about a week, but yesterday when my Grandma when back into the hospital, I gave it up.  I succumbed to the full-on ugly cry.  I cried for a good 45 minutes once I finally gave in and this morning I feel hungover and puffy and...better.

Getting old is a bitch.  Nostalgia sucks.  But jumping in and doing the full range of human emotions?

Pretty badass.