Friday, April 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Stabby

I'm in a mood today.  Want to know why?

1.  Effect vs. Affect. Who really gives a rat's ass?  I tell you who- stupid academics.
2.  People who need constant validation.
3.  People who don't understand that their jobs are to give ME constant validation.
4.  My jeans.  Someone has replaced them all with pairs that are a size too small.  Jackasses.
5.  The weather.  Rain is all well and good but damn would it kill us to get just a little sun in between?
6.  My kids' schedules.  (And don't go all "Over- Scheduler! Children need more time to just play!  Last Child In the Woods!" on me.  I. Will. Cut. You.)
7.  Dyspraxia.  I hate it almost as much as mean kids.
8.  Mean kids.  (See?)
9.  Technology.  Not THIS technology. The technology I need for a long ass meeting on Saturday and which I am CERTAIN will fail me.
10.  Long ass meetings on Saturdays.

I'm going to crab about these things all day.  You got a problem with that?

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