Thursday, June 23, 2011

Badass Poultry

I rarely make posts out of other blogger's stuff. It feels vaguely ooky and just a little dishonest. But then, I rarely come across something this perfectly, beautifully badass in just exactly the way I one day hope to be badass.

Behold. The Chicken.

This is golden. It is perfect. It is all I aspire to be in life. I need this chicken. I need it with the most powerful force known to man or woman. I need it more than sex or chocolate or a cabana boy named Pedro. Where can I find this chicken?


  1. OMG! you are so incredibly BadAss! I can't believe it! You are my heroine! Butt (pun intended) I would imagine that you are now on Victor's list of "Women I Want to Choke, but I can't because prison is hell" :)

    I Love You SOOOOO much! I needed this laugh incredibly! Thank your friend for me!!!

    your sis, Lisa

  2. and I am so disappointed to realize that the Laura in the story wasn't you! I was so sure it was you that I commented before I went back to the blog! Sorry if this is insulting, but it REALLY sounded like you!

    And I meant that in the "nicest" way :)

    oh, and I won't be upset if you don't post these comments. I was just to excited and tired beyond belief to do more than watch the passing thought about emailing you my comments flash by like an Olympic sprinter streaking!

    Well, it wasn't a great comment, but I tried. (see sentence about extrememly tired. Oh, I was obviously too tired to talk spell, or type too. :)

    love you
    temporary burst of energy has been superceded by epic brain death . . . or something to that effect!

  3. Hey, no worries! I take it as the highest compliment that you thought I had the intestinal fortitude to do something like that! :::mwah:::