Sunday, August 26, 2012


TMOTH talks about VagueBooking as that thing that people do on Facebook where they update their status with cryptic messages referencing doom, gloom, mayhem and general crankiness.  This is VagueBlogging- a cousin of VagueBooking, marked by the same crypticness but with a serious extra does of the cranky pants.


Here we go.

Hello?  People who work with kids? You know, those of you who volunteer (paid or unpaid) to work with kids as they develop new ideas, interests, hobbies and passions?  You might want to keep in mind that kids are, you know, KIDS, not just cogs in your machine.  Thinking of their whole selves-  their hearts and minds, not just their hands and feet- would seem to be the bare minimum requirement for doing your job.

So Do. Your. Fucking. Job. All of it.  Not just the part where you have the best of the best in your group.


(PS- I know that there are many, many wonderful folks out their who do their best for all kinds of kids everyday.  Thank you and blessings on you for your hard work.  I wish we could clone you and install those copies in every playground, studio, field and gym worldwide.  You're absolute gems.)


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